Florida Unemployment Appeals Process

Florida may be called the ‘Sunshine State’ but everything isn’t very sunny about Florida, especially the number of the unemployed labor force. An estimate by the Bureau of Labor Statistics says close to 4.63% (average of unemployed men, women, and teenagers) of its entire population is unemployed (as of June 2016). Today’s market prices cut … Read more

Are Students Eligible For Unemployment Insurance?

This is a common question that plagues the mind of anyone desirous of attending school after facing a layoff. While adding a degree/ improving a skill set is a good way to utilize your time when you are unemployed, it may not necessarily deem you eligible for unemployment insurance (UI) or the dole. To recap, … Read more

All You Should Know About Disability Insurance for the Unemployed

If you’re unable to work owing to illness, pregnancy or non – industrial injury, you can be eligible to receive disability insurance benefits. Various government sponsored schemes provides monetary assistance to workers who are unable to pursue work due to disability. There are a number of disability insurance and other ancillary programs which provide both … Read more