Florida Unemployment Appeals Process

Florida may be called the ‘Sunshine State’ but everything isn’t very sunny about Florida, especially the number of the unemployed labor force. An estimate by the Bureau of Labor Statistics says close to 4.63% (average of unemployed men, women, and teenagers) of its entire population is unemployed (as of June 2016). Today’s market prices cut a wide hole in all our pockets – which is why keeping the interests of every American at heart and also understanding the improbability of the development of saving habits among Americans, a benefit scheme seeks to address all your financial problems and lend some security at the expense of Government’s Revenue.


Every state in the United States have their own governing laws pertaining to the distribution of benefits for job-seekers who with no cause arising from their side, find themselves unemployed. With the intention of providing financial security and assistance in times of emergencies, the state isn’t far away from lending you a helping hand. Also, every state based on the status of your dependents and their jobs fix the sum of money for weekly monthly benefits.

There is no telling when the economy will go up or down, which is why we recommend you to register yourself at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO). It can nevertheless be handy to not merely register but also learn everything that entails a Benefit Scheme. More so appealing to a higher authority for a denied claim is something most people are unaware of as this facility is vastly unused for a state with some of the highest numbers of complaints on treating claimants unfairly through the introduction of tests.

Why Are Your Benefits Denied?

Before appealing a higher authority challenging the status quo of your Application for Unemployment Benefits, it is arguably sensible to find out ‘why’, and then commence your appeal’s process.

Nearly all working and employed professionals are recommended to register with the Florida Department of . Economic Opportunity (FDEO), irrespective of their job status. If you should find yourself unemployed and not as a consequence of your own actions, you can visit them to acquire benefits, make yourself more marketable by taking up training courses or even look for new jobs, those offered through Public Private Partnership.

Your first claim made online (phone call or personal visit) with the intention of earning benefits from the FDEO can be denied for many reasons. The commonest of reason is of course not meeting the required eligibility criteria. These can break down to four reasons –

  1. ‘Able’ and ‘Available’ for work – To qualify for any kind of unemployment benefits you must demonstrate to the FDEO that you do not possess any physical or time impediment that would prevent you from working. Without fulfilling the above condition you won’t qualify for the Florida Unemployment Benefits. This is due to the presence of exclusive benefit scheme for disabled persons. Also, another crucial word is ‘Available’, which is introduced in order to imply for the job seeker to give the time expected of him/her. This is why part-time job workers get less weekly benefits compared to the rest.
  2. You must lose your job with no fault of your own – Only those people are eligible for benefit amount who have been laid off the company they work for, who have played no part in the dismissal of the job – be it mannerism, addiction or lack of productivity. The Government obliges to offer help only for those who haven’t been offered an explanation as to why they were fired from their jobs, through no fault of their own but the sole responsibility of the employer.
  3. You either must be totally or partially employed.
  4. You must have earned a stipulated minimum amount of wages in a given time period which is referred to as the ‘Base Period’. Base Period refers to the first four complete quarters (3 months) which must have begun at least 18 months prior to claiming of the Unemployment benefits.

Other reasons include –

  1. Non-disclosure of part-time jobs or misinformation on the amount of wages earned through part-time wages.
  2. No reportage of wages earned by Dependants, if any.
  3. The absence of information on children if they are students and are eligible to do part-time jobs.
  4. Reporting 7 days late on your Unemployment Benefit can result in your claim either being delayed or denied

How To Apply For Unemployment Benefits Denial?

If you are determined as ineligible for receiving benefits, you are allowed to request an administrative hearing conducted by an appeals referee from the Office of Appeals. This appeal must be communicated either online or through writing within 20 days from the day of determination.

Appealing Online

  1. Login to your Connect Account from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity website.
  2. On the left-hand menu click on Determination, Pending issue, and Decision summary. From here click on the Appeals View.
  3. Here you appeal the determination you wish to challenge.

Appealing through writing

To appeal through writing you can either send a letter or write to the Office of RA (Reemployment Assistance) Appeals. Before sending your letter, do not miss to mention your Social Security Number or Claimant ID.

Office of RA Appeals

PO Box 5250

Tallahassee FL 32399-5250

When your request is received and processed, an Appeals Information Pamphlet along with the Notice of Hearing will be mailed to you. A schedule for the hearing will be stated in the mail, hence be prepared to the commonly asked questions, the most obvious and the important of which are your justifications for the reason of the refusal of your determination.

In the event where you miss the hearing, you’ll have to write a request letter to the hearing officer.

After the hearing, you will receive a written decision. If you disagree with the Appeal, there is another provision for re-appealing the Appeal’s decision. Known as the process of “Review of the Appeals decision”, it must be requested in writing to the Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission – either by fax at (850) 488-2123 or by logging into FloridaJobs website.  

With this, we hope to have covered every information which would help you actualize your denied Benefits. Also, to know more about eligibility criteria, initial claiming process and employment opportunities offered by the state, you can refer to our site. If any queries do leave us a comment, for help is not far away from our already growing community.


108 Responses to “Florida Unemployment Appeals Process”

  • Alex Deshner says:

    I just want to know why I’m being denied benefits when I have done everything on part to file. It says I’m eligible but I’m being denied why?

    • Nick says:

      Well, this is a private online forum and we do not have access to your claim.

      Please call the Unemployment Office or visit the nearest branch to determine the reason. If you think, you’ve been denied wrongfully, please file an “Appeal”.


    I m jobless since January 25
    And I would like to apply for unemployment

  • Lauren Schwartz says:

    Is there a phone number for the local Unemployment office in Melbourne, Florida to go in and speak with someone about why I was denied unemployment when I work In California, but live in Florida?

    • Jacob says:


      Please use 1-800-204-2418 to call the Unemployment Office. They’re available Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

  • OLGA I RIVERA says:

    I received a DISMISSAL OF APPEAL DUE TO LACK OF JURISDICTION on 3/5/2019 How can I appeal this.

    Thank you
    Olga Rivera

  • Im still currently looking nothing not coming through see looking for work

  • Edjomary Padilla says:

    I am trying to get in contact with unemployment I need to reset my pin and file a claim. Unable to get ahold of someone. My contact number is 4075451796

  • ELAINE says:



    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. Please keep trying regularly. I am sure the agencies will fix all technical issues soon.

  • Yanina Rozen says:

    Something wrong on this website (https://connect.myflorida.com/). Every time for the last 8 days same message : ” You already register on unemployment.Please login.” Impossible to login or to claim new form.
    Probably that how state save money for unemployment ?

  • Cleo Nicholas says:

    I am Unemployment Benefits

  • I am an Employer trying to check on unemployment claims in Florida for our business. But I can’t even find the website that I used to do claims on. I was unable to get on before because it locked me out. Please contact me by my email address and tell me what I need to do to correct this. Thank you Rhonda Denham UI Administrator for Mancan Inc.

  • Michele Benigno says:

    I have been told that I do not qualify for benefits for the last 2 weeks. They have given me no reason as to why I do not qualify. their phone system is down and I am unable to reach a representative because of the overload of calls that they are getting thru COVID19. The website constantly crashing. I am unemployed as a result of COVID19 so I do not understand why I do not qualify. How am I supposed to survive with no benefits. How am I supposed to get answers when I am unable to reach a live representative??????

    Please HELP

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. Please continue chasing the office at regular intervals. The Unemployment Office will be inundated with calls!

  • Ruth says:

    Is there an employer’s support forum for the appeals process?

  • David Kent says:

    I am a union worker in the entertainment business.Because our business is centered in crowded arenas and Theaters and Convention Centers we were the first to be layed off from any job opportunities. I have registered for a U I claim, I am active , but without any determination of amount of payment.Without a determination will I beable to make a claim on Monday 4/13/2020 ?
    Consistent attempts by phone is futile, even when I time the call and all the prompts to connect me within seconds of being put through to an agent.
    There is an option that the prompts tell you which suggeststo go to the ‘home page’for a further registration , and then told that I am already registered.
    Im chasing my tail with frustration and on the verge of hiring a lawyer.

  • Marshall says:

    I have employees that say they can stay home and do side jobs and collect unemployment and make more money because the money they get from unemployment and the other money they get from this stimulus check . What do we do about that .we can’t make them work if we lay them off for not working not like they should they will collect if we fire them they collect .like they tell us they won’t have to pay taxes on the side jobs

    • Jacob says:


      Please consider reporting it to the Unemployment Office if you suspect a “Fraud”. You can read more on the Unemployment Office website.

  • Darcel Dennis says:

    can someone please call me I need help very bad I have five kids and we need food water and more and I need my unemployment 8632603413 or 8632144969

  • Imogene A Faurote says:

    I have been out of work since 02/20/20. I filed for benefits on 02/28/20. I received Notice of monetary Determination on 03/04/20. 03/18/20 I received Notice of Approval and have submitted my work search for all weeks that I have been out of work. I still have not received any payments. I am 69 tears old and only want to work part time but now with this COVID-19 and so many people out of work I more that likely will have a hard time finding even part time work.

    • Jacob says:


      There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  • Paula says:

    How can i make changes to my application? i need to change my last day of work of my application. and i have been tried to contact @(1800-204-2418) for more tan a week and nothing, please help me

    • Jacob says:


      I suggest you try doing this online, on the department’s website. You will need an ID/password for that.

  • Dawn B says:

    I applied and it said I was to receive $58 a week? I used the online calculator and it states I should get $273. What do I do?

  • Ben says:

    I filed and it says that I am ineligible for unemployment I am curious as to why it would say that or how I can find out why I was denied. Thank you and have a great day.

  • This is a jungle, I am unable to see my claim, I use to go to connect.myflorida.com/claimant/core/login.ASAP and now unable to get any information. Do I need to put in an application each week. My claim was pending with no results. I downloaded my 2018 and 2019 W2’s and my current 2020 paystubs. Not sure why I am not approved for unemployment benefits. I can not even see my application!! I have called the 1-800-204-2418 number 10 times a day with no result. I am suppose to qualify for the federal $600 per week but have to get through Florida unemployment claim. I am very frustrated with this system. I want to get back to work but unable due to Coronavirus. Please help me!!!!

  • John Louis Hofer says:

    I filled out my application on March 28th-
    Now checking to see if it was even acknowledged? I have a claimant Id # Claim ID # ( Under review)
    I Have never heard anything back- cannot log in? I can’t get through- what a complete Joke this system is.

    Please help

    John Hofer

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. Please follow up with the Unemployment Office on the phone/internet. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  • MARK HRIBAR says:

    Appealing Online

    Login to your Connect Account from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity website.
    On the left-hand menu click on Determination, Pending issue, and Decision summary. From here click on the Appeals View.
    Here you appeal the determination you wish to challenge.

    To take any action, you must view your determination. After your determination has been viewed there will be additional options.
    View the Determination: Determination Not Available


  • MARK HRIBAR says:


  • Harold says:

    why is other states like Atlanta, Detroit and Minneapolis and other cities where delta eployees took leave of absence to help Delta Airlines thru this tuff time with the Corona virus but us employees in Florida are getting denied. So not fare

  • Ellen Hines says:

    my weekes to claim are still requiring me to put a job search.because iwas to claim weeks march 4th. Before Govner dismissed the job search.My file is locked cant get through to the Help line to prosess my weekes The Help line use to process my weekes for me.

    • Jacob says:


      I hope you were able to resolve this. Please contact the Unemployment Office the issue persists.

  • John Mcbrearty says:

    Please get back asap 4077174417 John Mcbrearty I need help with an Appeal I completely filled all My papers out and was thorough as I can Be.Thanks everyone else I work with had their unemployment approved

    • Jacob says:


      This is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please check the status regularly/wait for the Unemployment Office to get back to you.

  • David Baker says:

    I have been told that I do not qualify for benefits because of not having enogh time worked in Florida but I also worked 2 years in Arkansas their phone system is down and I am unable to reach a representative because of the overload of calls that they are getting thru COVID19. The website constantly crashing. I am unemployed as a result of COVID19 so I do not understand why I do not qualify. Its been 5 weeks I need help.

  • Nicole Garcia says:

    After 6 weeks I went from pending to ‘ineligible” and I cannot file an appeal without a determination. When I go to look for a determination I get this- “View the Determination: Determination Not Available”. I’m out of work and feeling defeated. Phones are never answered. WHat can I do??

    • Jacob says:


      There seems to be an issue with the system. Please keep checking at regular intervals to see if there’s a change in the status.

  • Timothy Guenot says:

    It says I’m ineligible but gives no reason or a chance to appeal. I met all the eligibility requirements. I don’t understand and now it’s asking me to open a new claim.

  • gerald l dale says:

    been here 17 years havnt got election right and how you cant get unemployment claims right

  • George says:

    It states that I have not worked enough and if i would like to appeal and i guess prove i worked more than amount needed i cannot? It just shows “View the Determination: Determination Not Available”….which will not give me the option to appeal? How would I proceed from here?

    • Jacob says:


      Please keep checking regularly for the paperwork. There might be a delay in processing the applications. You can also consider filing an “appeal” if you think they denied on irrelevant grounds.

  • john says:

    my account says I am eligible for the max benefit
    however on the top it shows as inactive, ive heard others have the same problem’
    do I need to appeal or wait??

    • Jacob says:


      Please wait. There will be a delay considering the surge in the number of applications. Make sure to check the status regularly.

  • salanda b wilson says:

    I have been trying to get my unemployment for 3 months now and then i get a denial letter from them what is going on.

    • Jacob says:


      If you think you’ve been denied without a valid reason, please consider filing an appeal.

  • Dana Mcdonald says:

    received one check for 154.00 last day of work march 16 2020 when do i get the other checks i was eligible and know im confused cant reach a human…….dont know what they need ive worked for victory casino since 2017…….filed in 2015 for unemployment…PLEASE HELP ME THERE SEEMS TO BE A DETERMINATION PROBLEM WHY………..

    • Jacob says:


      There will an intermittent delay owing to the number of applications. Please be patient and make sure to check the status regularly.

  • henry says:

    have been furloughed since 4/2 but claim states ineligible and does not give me ability to appeal, can you let me know how to appeal by email?

  • Amedra Carver says:

    I tried to apply online 4/8/20 but could not get through so I mailed the application same day. I was put on furlough from work due to low census from pandemic, it was my under standing that I could draw unemployment until things turned around. I have not heard one word from agency. Has my claim been received and processed? I am still on furlough…4/8/20 – 5/25/20 so far but do not know if I will extended again or not. Please ……. some kind of information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jacob says:


      Please note there will be a delay in processing UI applications. Make sure to chase at regular intervals until the claim is established.

      P.S This is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file.

  • Wes says:

    This state has the most problems with the unemployment and even handling elections. It seems that for whatever reason they just don’t learn their lesson and they’re not proactive at all I filed over a month ago no determination. I really feel bad for Floridians that deserve unemployment so not only is this system not working Florida pays the lowest in unemployment as the maximum amount allowed is 275 a week it’s been that way for decades. absolutely pathetic , on top of all of that they can’t even get government unemployment money to citizens of Florida that qualify which makes it that much worse.

  • Karina Mosquera says:

    Please some help me what can I do. I applied as soon as my company closed on 3/27 and it’s now 5/28 and I haven’t heard nothing. All it says it’s pending, being reviewed call after claim period and I’ve exhausted myself calling and can’t get through. Is there a location I can go to? Please help I’m unemployed with three kids single mom.

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. Please wait for an update from the office. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

  • Tanya says:

    I work from home but my employer (w2) is in another state, does this effect my benefit from FL?
    Also I worked on a 1099 from 1/19 – 7/2619. Will this make me ineligible or effect the benefit amount? The award amount seems very low.

    • Jacob says:


      Contract workers are generally not eligible to claim since employers’ don’t pay UI taxes. Please check further on the Unemployment Office website.

  • Morgan says:

    WOW! what an absolute joke this whole system is. Florida should be ashamed. I know they have the means to make the system work but they don’t want to, they do not want to pay out. You try calling the number you spend 10 minutes using the automated service to be told “all agents are busy and they are not offering call backs”, completely unbelieve. My friend lives in California and has been getting $800 dollars a week unemployment and here is Florida still not paying anyone. I have been denied based on “no wages” when I submitted my 1099 tax form with my application that clearly states my wages. Now the website won’t even let me file a claim because my “determination is not available”. Thanks for you support Florida government!

  • Todd Sabbides says:

    I have returned to work. I filed for unemployment with phone assistance, had my wage information lost, have been mentally tortured trying to get my case handled every since then via hours on the the phone, crashing website, not available website on the weekend to file appeals, error messages trying to file appeals and I just can’t complete this process. You people really know how to mentally break someone. Oh by the way, there is no contact us at the bottom of the connect page as the recording states. It is another wild goose chase I have been sent on. I have been at the same employer since 2008 and I am having to make myself sick trying to prove it. I also have dish disease and since I am back to work I hurt a lot and it makes this whole process even more frustrating. I am manifesting anxiety and fear over this whole process and I get sick to my stomach trying to go through the connect system to do something as simple as prove my wages. I am so lost.

    • Jacob says:


      I can only make an attempt to understand your situation! It must be a hard time for you and millions. Unfortunately, there will be a delay in processing the application. Please be calm and continue chasing the Unemployment Office at regular intervals.

      Best Wishes!

  • Chris says:

    I filed my Pandemic Unemployment Application. The DEO is requestion a copy of my 2019 federal tax return. What is the best method to send it to the Department so I can get my application approved?
    I can not find a place to attached it to the application. Please someone help.

    • Jacob says:


      You should be able to upload online or send it via email. Please look out for relevant options that can get you through.


    Waiting since initial 3/15/2020 filing. Have since filed every subsequent week thru most recent date of 6/10/2020. Claims processed and every claim indicates “Disqualified”. Answer to WHY ?? Disqualified from DEO would be welcomed . . . BUT . . . guess that’s to easy. DEO and
    Common Sense ?????? Obviously, and as so many others understand, attempts (X’s 100) to contact and speak with a DOE Agent . . . FRUSTRATING!!!!

    Another question from / for my elderly neighbor . . . He has an “appeal” in process for the past 1 month + without any DEO notification of when scheduled. Anyone know of a Tel # for Appeal Status?


    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation.There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  • thierry a sleszynski says:

    Your UI application is broken, broken, broken and a complete mess. I have applied for the federal cares act unemployment benefit for the self employed. I was “approved”, but receiving the wrong amount. I try to get reconsideration (have tried over 30 times) but every time I try and upload my 1099, a message pops up saying there was a technical error. When I go to my inbox to try and see the last monetary determination, a message pops up saying there was a technical error. I am getting a deposit of $113 per week (don’t even know whether this is CARES act payment or an erroneous Florida unemployment payment) instead of $600 per week under the CARES act. I sent Priority Mail to the DEO in Tallahassee over 2 weeks ago documenting the problem with screenshots and a copy of my 1099, but my claim still has not been updated online, and I have not received a reply to my letter.

    • Jacob says:


      There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  • Don L says:

    Help! It says I’m “ineligible” then to “View the Determination: Determination Not Available” it won’t let me view the determination. Why am I ineligible? I can’t take any action until I view what it won’t allow me to. What do I do?

    • Jacob says:


      I hope you were able to access the letter. If not, please call the Unemployment Office. You can also file an “appeal” if you think the explanation provided in the letter is not valid.

  • Al Goodman says:

    I filled out my application on March 21st-
    Now checking to see if it was even acknowledged? I have a claimant Id # Claim ID # ( Under review)
    I Have never heard anything back- cannot log in? I can’t get through- what a complete Joke this system is.

    Please help

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  • I have been out of work since middle of March. I am a hairdresser that hires me to go to independent and assistant. living communities also have no spleen and cancer at time of covid19.Salons were shut down and couldnt work if I wanted to,which I needed to work as I support myself.I applied on line beginning of April which when I called said they couldnt find me in the system to file a claim again!So I did. Second time same answer.Not in system.Person tod me to file out application and send in with all info. that was in May.on In the middle of June I recieved aletter from DEO stating I had NO wages for 1/1/2019-12/31/19!!!they had all my 1099 and 1040tax forms !!!!! Not only did they say I could call them or appeal within the 20 days of distribution date which had already pasted before I even recieved letter!!!! I think they dont know what they are doing and some people that bshouldnt get paid are getting help because of covid 19!!!I hav run out of money and may end up on street like alot of people this has happened to, just because of a broken down stupid system we have in fl. I have talked to other hairdressers and they have been recieving payments and other states got their payments right away and still are c0llecting. Disgusted with our whole State and governor how this is being handled.Need help here!

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until you hear from them.

  • I applied in 03/01 to 05/20/20 but my claim it always comes out NOT REGISTERED my last 4 S.S.8290
    and now since 06/20 I am without work. I want to know if you can help me because I have not received any answer in all this time and every time I call cannot find any answer.

    • Jacob says:


      Have you tried checking the reason for why it was not registered? Please call the Unemployment Office for more.

  • John Laursen says:

    I submitted an appeal (by fax) 35 days ago, and have received no response. Nor was I ever sent an Appeals Information Pamphlet or a Notice of Hearing. My problem is that as a self-employed individual partially unemployed I was told when I first filed my PUA claim I had 21 days in which to summit my tax records verifying wages for 2019, which I promptly did two days after filing. It has now been 74 days since I did this with no response. After the first 21 days just to make sure I faxed my tax information in a second time, that was 55 days ago, nothing, no response. I have been denied benefits which I do qualify for (had my WBA been updated based on my wages) now going on 14 weeks. Help would be appreciated.

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

  • JOANA says:

    I got noticed that I don’t qualify for my low wage but they didn’t count what I earned from Jan to March 2020 , is it right they just put what I earned in 2019….FL unployment calculator show me that I qualify….don’t know

    • Jacob says:


      The earnings taken into consideration are the last 4-5 calendar quarters (base period). In order to be eligible, you need to have the required earnings.

  • Shelly says:

    I just need my appeal canceled. It was an error. I have sent the email request twice. This is holding up my $8000+ dollars in back pay. I call 30 times, finally talk to someone, stay on hold for up to 3 hours while they get a supervisor and still no deposits.

  • Leslie Reynolds says:

    it is truly unbelievable how the state of florida is so imcompetent. i just learned after 3 months of not getting a check, after countless hours of on hold time to get an agent that isnt familiar with the situation, that i have an employer on my employment that i have never worked for and 4 employers that i have worked for not included in my deo employment file so everything is incorrect. i could be on tv for this one.

  • Karla Ignacio says:

    Hi, I have been waiting for my application to be processed since march once they finally backdated the effective date to 04/01/2020 now my status is ineligble redetermined and its not giving me the option to appeal or anything any lights on this? I know im elegible

  • JUANA says:


    I submitted Claim ID# 4631769 on 03/18/20 and so far I have received no answer.
    I used the email provided and submitted additional information to my appeal on 08/26/20 and same … no answer.

    Is there any way I can follow up the status for my appeal?

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  • juana says:

    Hi Jacob,
    What I have read, is that appeals are taking up to 150 days (5 mths) to be recorded. In my case, I originally filed the appeal on 03/18/20 which means 8 months ago. No confirmation of appeal received and no appeal listed under the unemployment website either.
    I understand there is so much going on and I cant even imagine how crazy it can be for the unemployment office, but we are talking about money that I am not receiving and it is affecting me and my family.
    If you could please, at least let me know if the appeal was received, and hopefully the updated information submitted on 08/26/20 is attached to it would be great. Just knowing that it was received would make me feel at ease.
    And if the appeal is attached to an estimated time/date for review, so I have an idea of for how long I have to wait, would be awesome as well.
    But simply not knowing what is going on it is not fair or a nice feeling.
    Do you think you can help me with that? Please?

    Thank you Jacob !

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. There’s not much one can do at this stage but pray for the early closure. Have you considered the option of visiting an office in the vicinity?

      • JUANA says:

        Hi Jacob,

        Can you please advise which one would be the closed office for me to go and follow up on my appeal? My zip code is 33026.
        Or a phone number where somebody answers and can help me? All the numbers I dialed never addressed me to a red.


  • Holly says:

    I applied for PUA benefits and was initially denied. I appealed and my the denial was reversed. However, nothing has changed in CONNECT. Will I get my back benefits automatically or do I still need to go in and “claim weeks” for past due benefits?

    • Jacob says:


      Please continue claiming weekly benefits and also see if you can speak to a claims rep for a concrete update in this regard.

  • Peter Wolf says:

    I am so frustrated. I have been dealing with a big issue with reemployment online since April 2020. A customer service rep advised me incorrectly on how to complete my application during the covid pandemic. I found this out be calling and speaking to another customer service rep. The second rep informed me that the first rep guided me thru the application incorrectly and that based on the information I provided to him, I didn’t qualify. At that point, I had just submitted the application and one claim. He advised the best way to handle it is to not submit any claims and to return any funds I receive back to the Trust Funds account and I did so. I keep getting notifications that I didn’t complete documentation, which I was told to leave as is. Now I have notification on my account that I am now considered receiving overpayment. Well, we knew that. Even though I didn’t claim but one week. They continued sending funds to me by direct deposit and mail even though I wasn’t claiming weeks. I returned all funds to the trust fund along with the coupon and claimant number. How do I straighten this out? I have proof all funds was received and cashed by DEO, but my account online doesn’t show this. They still show that they paid me all this money. I need the account to be corrected and a documentation showing the overpayment was received and correct forms for proof for tax purposes. I can’t get in touch with a customer service rep as when it gets to that point thru the automated systems, it drops my call. PLEASE HELP! How do I resolve this issue to clear my name? I need to speak to a live supervisor.

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