Re Opening Unemployment Claim in Florida

During the course of receiving weekly UI payments, there are chances that you may land a job and start working. During this phase, you are expected to stop make weekly claims as you’re no longer unemployed. There are chances that you may separate from the new job during the same benefit year and your obvious option will be to reapply for unemployment if there are benefit weeks remaining in your account.Job Interview

You’ve heard it right. States in the US allow you to re claim UI benefits. Lets say you were approved for 24 weeks and you claimed only 5 weeks of monetary benefits and landed a job, the payment stops. If for any involuntary reason, you lose the recent most job, you are eligible to claim the remainder, i,e 19 weeks in this case. If the benefit year ended and there are weeks still remaining in the account, you are eligible to reapply.

Paperwork Requirement for Re Claiming  Unemployment Benefits

Before you get in touch with the labor department in your state, be prepared. Below is the list of documents you must keep in place.

  • Social security number
  • Alien Registration Card no. if you are not a citizen of the U.S
  • Driver’s license
  • Contact phone number and e mail id.
  • Mailing address with zip code
  • Details of your previous and specifically the last employer
  • For federal employees, copies of SF8 and SF50
  • For military service, your most recent separation form (DD214)

If you were recently unemployed and have never filed a claim before, determine unemployment eligibility in Florida before applying.

How to Reopen A Claim In Florida

If the benefit year has not expired, you can easily reopen the existing claim. Quickly gather the required details and get online.

The claim can be filed 24/7 on


Visit One Stop Career center in your locality. You can use a computer available there to file a claim.


Call 1-800-204-2418 and speak to a claims specialist.

The good part about reopening a claim is that you don’t have to serve the waiting week. It will be considered as continuation of an existing claim.This procedure is as good as it was was previously. Sometimes in some cases, there can human intervention in terms of a counsellor assisting you in reopening a claim or giving you further instructions.

Should you have any queries or need guidance on any aspect of  claiming unemployment benefits , feel free to contact the unemployment benefits assistance forum in Florida.

Denial of Claims

There can be denial of claims due to several reasons. The most common reason seen is failure on the part of the unemployment agency to determine if you lost the job due to no fault of yours or not earning enough wages in the base period.

You can always ask the agency to revisit the claim or if need be, ask for an adjudicator. Each state has a clearly laid out mechanism in this regard.

A Little Bit of Advice

We understand that it can be difficult, especially if you are  re claiming unemployment benefits after a short period of employment. Remain positive, network with friends and family who will not only support you in this time but may also help you find a job.

You should also scout for jobs on various portals, make calls and make use of job assistance programs offered by the department of labor in Florida. Best wishes !

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