About Us

Welcome to Florida Unemployment. The goal of our website is to provide extensive information on unemployment insurance to unemployed Floridians. We strive to publish accurate content to provide all the information you need in one place, here. This curbs your efforts which involves contacting various other sites and government agencies. Unemployment must not handicap a person from availing basic necessities and UC is here to support the unemployed folks. Please remember that the rules are state-specific so some requirements may change while claiming in other states.

What you can expect from this site?

We have updated the list of blog articles and guides on –

  • How to File for Unemployment in Florida
  • Extension available in Florida
  • Contact Information and Tips

Also, we have developed a friendly Calculator tool that helps you calculate your benefit amount for free.

We built this as a hobby site and operate without ads. We might have to put some non-intrusive and non-spammy ads in near future, but this website will remain free to use. Your feedback is very important to help us serve you better. Leave us a message.